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Warning Please Read If you come here to speak of Jehovah, the Messiah, Allah, Pyramids, Ancient Scrolls, or any related subject, please graciously pick up your bag and leave quietly. Thank you.

A sign reading something like that was on the door of the second house I visited last week. Just before I knocked I was forced to read it, it was bold and clear. I decided to pray for wisdom and asked the Lord whether I should knock or not. My first thought was to go ahead and knock. The householder was obviously surprised by my visit. A very nicely groomed lady appeared with her two ugly dogs. I found many good things to comment on, ignoring the dogs.

Praise God, He gave me the right words to say to build a bridge upon which to walk into her life. I could appreciate her sensitivity and good taste for antiques, ceramics, beautiful furniture, rugs etc. She invited me in after taking the dogs away. I kept praying for the right words to say, remembering the note on the door.

It was obvious from her body language she was not interested in the medical books. She commented on having a son who was a doctor and how many people keep an eye on her. She opened up her heart a little and shared about the grief that the death of her husband brought to her life two years earlier and how hard it was to cope. It was then that I told her about something I find really comforting in the Scriptures.

She responded, “Which one for example?” The Holy Spirit brought to my mind Psalm 23.

She said, “That is unbelievable. That is my favourite! It was my husband's favourite too. We read it at his funeral.” I asked then if she would like me to recite it for her and she happily said yes. We did it together. Praise the Lord! Then she said something incredible, “When I saw you at the door, I knew you were a Christian. Thank you for knocking. Your visit has been a great blessing. I was feeling depressed and you lifted me up.”

I showed her Today, Tomorrow and You and immediately she said she would take it. We prayed together and she requested that I come again soon and see her. Two days later I felt impressed to visit Kay again. She was delighted and treated me so well I felt like I was her daughter. She was excited about the book. “It is a marvellous book,” she said. “Two of my friends already want to borrow it, but I told them they will have to wait until I am finished with it.”

I am now praying that the Lord will make it possible for me to meet her friends. Praise the Lord. His guidance is great. What a joy it brings to our lives to work with and for Him! - Noemi Cummings, Southern Area

The following is some recommended reading: To discover why God calls the Catholic Church Babylon, read the origin of sun worship and Sunday Sabbath followed by paganism in the Church and the who changed the Sabbath for the real truth on how the Sabbath was changed. Number of the beast is also recommended reading and contains fascinating information on the real origin of 666 and how it originally also came from Babylon and why it now relates to the Catholic Church. The secret rapture theory and seven years tribulation reveals the truth on how this false teaching came to be and gives the real truth on the second coming of Christ. [prophecy]